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This 129g bag is our newest size is being printed.  We are so excited to offer it to you, that we currently shipping in a temporary labeled bag.   Still the same quality resealable moisture barrier that is in printed.  

Add a Royal Mix to 10X confectioners sugar to create a recipe size of 2 cups - 4 lbs.  Tastes incredible with our Perfect Palate powdered flavors!  It was created to give the user more creative control and savings over the current pre packaged 1 lb mixes.recipe size: 16g to 2 cups of 10x confectionary sugar. (Patent Pending)

A Royal Mix is a Royal Icing premix that creates smaller batches, minimizes waste and controls users cost. Plus, it tested very well in various climates. The Royal premix is promoted and endorsed by Int’l Master Sugar Artist, Kathleen Lange, who collaborated in testing our product. Recently Michael Lewis-Anderson, the royal baker from Belgium, enthusiastically added his endorsement to A Royal Mix. We have made Royal easy!

When combined with your favorite high quality confectioners sugar and warm water, you get the finest quality royal every time!

Surprise Them With Flavor by blending a small amount of our Perfect Palate Powdered Flavors. By adding the appropriate amount of warm water, it thins very nicely for flooding your designer cookies. Your customers can now choose their flavor and take your cookies and royal to a new level!

Suggestion: (always dissolve powders in your liquid for quicker blending).

NEW 2 yr shelf life