Perfect Palate™

Perfect Palate™ , A product of More Than Cake Corporation, is a library of over 28 flavors, created to make traditional fondant taste as good as it looks. These flavors can also be added to your simplest culinary creations.  Just add a pinch or two to your icing, butter cream and batters for delectable results.The flavors do not add color and are easy to use.

Wake up to Maple Praline pancakes, Espresso muffins, Red Raspberry jam and even Apple Cinnamon French toast! Your children will love choosing from a variety of fun flavors for all of their special occasions. Get creative with birthday cakes, cupcakes, cookie glazes and more. Perfect Palate™, can be used in Fondant to create a unique fondant flavor that will blow your taste buds. Makes Fondant taste delicious, imagine having 28 tasty fondant flavors you can add to all your fondant creations, without all the hassle? Why try powdered flavors? It’s simple – they’re so easy to use. Powdered flavors will not compromise the texture of your creams and you won’t have to worry about adjusting your recipe. They are also a great substitute for liquid extracts. Have we mentioned how affordable and efficient Perfect Palate™ is? One package of Perfect Palate™ will yield approximately 20-24 uses!

Perfect Palate™ is an innovative new powdered flavoring that transforms traditional fondant, icing, and batter into delectable works of art. Unlike liquid-based flavorings, Perfect Palate™ won’t change the color or texture of your favorite fondant, icing, or batter. And with an incredible selection of more than 28 flavors, we’re sure to have one that fits you or your client’s taste. Add flavorful realism to your next culinary creation. Order some Perfect Palate™ today!

What if your fondant tasted as good as it looks?

It can with Perfect Palate™

Package Size (by weight): .57 oz./16 gram
Package Yield: approximately 20-24 recipe uses

1 product

1 product