Edible Petals

Edible Petals ® a product of More Than Cake Corporation, was designed to add fragrance to your floral decorations. For our professional and home bakers, we offer powdered scents that will help your gum paste/fondant flowers come to life  Just brush on to your gum paste flowers. Edible Petals® works with  fondant, icing, cakes, cookies, candy, silk flowers or batter.   and is available in 12 realistic scents. Plus, they taste great too!  Your guests will not only be wowed by your creation but also its realistic scent.These floral scents can be added directly to your petal dust. Give your gum paste/fondant  flowers the fragrance they deserve.

Make your creations be the talk of the party.

Order some today!

 *Edible Petals® can be brushed onto flower petals or blended into your petal dust before coloring your flowers
*Yield is approximately 100 flowers depending on usage.

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